What (Else) You Might Have Missed

EP content that hasn't been in the newsletters . . .

The first part of What You Might Have Missed offered a convenient roundup of all the newsletter content up to now. But there’s much more available on the Exploration Project site—so here’s another quick-access guide . . .


Introduction to Tarot If you are new to Tarot, or would like a concise refresher

Structures of the Tarot A concise summary

Ten Doors to Tarot  Touring a rich landscape of creativity and imagination

Ten Doors, Ten Books Essential guides for the Tarot paths

The Historical Tarot (1450-1700)

A Prologue

Part 1: Facts and Questions What we know (and don't) about Tarot before 1450

Part 2: Art and Origins From miniature masterpieces to a “modern” model

Part 3: Symbols and Influences Some early philosophical and cultural backgrounds

The Esoteric Tarot (1700-1900)

Part 1: Backgrounds Court de Gebelin — and how the Tarot cards came to be mistaken for a book of ancient wisdom

Part 2: Inventions Etteilla, “Gypsies,” and the dawn of Tarot divination

Part 3: Coming soon!


Transforming Tarot: A “New Revolution” In the last quarter of the 20th century—an unprecedented surge of Tarot scholarship and creativity

Connecting with Tarot A personal story . . .

The Original Exploration Project Overview Much has changed, but not the vision

Tarot and the Wide World #1 Mapping the search + some questions to consider

I hope everyone will find something on the list worth a first (or second) look. Part 2 of “The Esoteric Tarot” was published on EP very recently, by the way, so I think that one will be new to most readers.

And if you know of others who might be interested in Tarot | An Exploration Project, this would be a perfect post to share.

Finally—I’ve been at work on a new kind of information-gathering project, designed to expand our understanding of how people relate to Tarot. Launching in the next newsletter . . .

Warmest regards, Cynthia