What's new at the Exploration Project?

November notes . . . at mid-month

First: I’ve just discovered Fiona Marchbank’s striking “Bird Tarot.” She’s finished the major arcana—you can see them all here. A full deck is still in the concept stage, but in the meantime you can buy high-quality digital downloads of the three trumps shown above, and/or support her work with a small Patreon subscription. I love the bold designs—they capture the spirit of each trump, in a completely original way.

Next: This is the first update I’m sending out via email. The main purpose is to let you know what I’ve posted on the site and what’s coming next—so:

  1. I had set a schedule to begin Cycle 1 of the newsletter in November. But then I realized that if it begins on December 1, it will complete on Winter Solstice, December 22. Couldn’t resist the symbolism . . .

  2. Also couldn’t resist sharing some ideas and information in the meantime, so I wrote Newsletter 0 and then 0.11. Read them at leisure! And the 0.21 issue will be in your Inbox on (yes, of course), November 21. Lore will include Ken Kesey’s thoughts on The Fool, along with a discussion of Zen and the suit of Swords.

  3. I’ve been slowly but surely revising and updating the text of History, Mystery, and Lore. The first chapter has been posted in three parts at Tarot | A Textual Project, my Medium publication. I’m now adding that content here on Substack, along with some reflections published previously on Medium.

Finally: If you would like to see more updates on my Tarot writing/publishing, along with other projects, you can do any or all of these things:

And of course, if you feel inclined, share a link to Tarot | An Exploration Project with anyone you think might be interested.

Meanwhile—many thanks for reading!

Warmest regards, Cynthia