What Is the Exploration Project?

Basically . . . twice-weekly newsletters that offer a continuing exploration of Tarot in the context of art, literature, history, science, philosophy, esoteric studies, popular culture, and current events. Plus an occasional series of Daily Notes, focused on a particular topic.

Everything published on EP is designed to be thought-provoking—and to enrich any Tarot practice, whether just beginning or long advanced. My goal is to offer readers who take Tarot seriously a type of content they won’t find elsewhere.

But all approached in a creative way, with plenty of color and playfulness.

The best way to find out more is to browse more than a year’s worth of accumulated content. So here’s a quick guided tour:

First stop: Ten Doors to Tarot offers an introduction to my general approach, and it’s often referenced in other posts. There’s also an overview of Tarot basics, if you are new to the subject, or would like a concise refresher.

Second: I’ve been revising and updating (in some cases, completely rewriting) the chapters from Part One of my book Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore. They cover the history of Tarot from 1400 to 2000, and this list makes it easy to read the sections in order—or choose the ones you’d like to check out.

Third: Here’s a list of posts on Tarot in literature, media, and the visual arts. Other special topic lists include Time Capsule and Unexpected Perspectives.

Fourth: Shifting gears, here are three interconnected essays on divination:

Fifth: Some EP newsletters and stories highlight difficult issues. Here are a few examples:

Finally: Here’s a list of my personal favorites from 2021. And here’s a candid, slightly contrarian statement about my approach to Tarot.

If that sounds appealing, become a free subscriber, enjoy all the archived content, and get the next Exploration Project newsletter in your Inbox! If you like what you find, I hope you’ll let others know.

Warmest regards, Cynthia

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